About us

e&b is a brand owned by Energy and Beyond SARL, a company established in 2009 and delegated to handle the UPS systems business. Due to the rapid rate of increased sales and the growing demand in the UPS market in Lebanon, Energy and Beyond SARL expanded its product lines to cover Backup UPS systems, Online Single Phase UPS, Online 3 Phases UPS systems and pure sine wave inverter.
In 2014, Energy and Beyond was able to grow and sustain its market share in the UPS field and its derivatives by providing a steady high quality product and reliable after sales service.
Our team members (management, sales and technical) have more than 10 years of experience in the field. This helps us carry the client smoothly from the consultancy stage to testing and commissioning covering the following cases:

  • Individual and home use.
  • IT and data center.
  • Commercial small business up to enterprise.
  • Biomedical machines for hospitals and clinics.
  • Telecom and security appliances power protection.
  • Schools, Universities and Government Departments.
  • Mission Statement:  We aspire to become the industry's most trusted and reliable source in supplying power systems. Our customer focused consultations identify clients' present and future needs to deliver customized and dependable power protection.
  • Vision:  To become leaders in the power management solutions industry by delivering reliable power to our customers.  We understand “reliable power” to mean reliable and durable products.
    To supply a steady and consistent product and service with enthusiasm and motivation from day one. We aspire to constantly improve our quality and service.
  • Goals: To remain up to date concerning newest power technology and to be the first to introduce new and innovative technological products including renewable energy systems.  We always prefer Eco friendly products.
  • Core values: We strive to achieve client satisfaction by providing high quality products and services. We focus on building strong and long term relationships with our customers.  Our operations  and IT departments focus on supporting the sales and service teams in order to deliver the optimal support to our clients. Our technical team is on call all year round, ready to solve any problem or technical issue that may arise 24/7.